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GeekVape exploded onto the vape scene in December 2015. Their first product, the Griffin RTA, was so successful that it catapulted them to the forefront of companies making authentic, budget-priced gear. At that time, affordable RTAs were few and far between.

GeekVape is now a common name in vaping households and they continue to build their reputation with several more atomizer additions, and have now entered into the realms of sub-ohm tanks and vape mods. They have created a variety of new offerings ranging from lower power, single battery mods to high powered dual battery models.

GeekVape’s products have had an undeniable impact on the vaping industry. The Griffin’s inviting build deck, wicking, top fill slots and juice control have been copied numerous times on several RTAs by a variety of manufacturers. It seems nearly every manufacturer has used many of its features on their atomizers. Every time another company tries to best them with a new feature, GeekVape bounces back to answer it with their own improved version. No doubt, GeekVape’s influences will continue to be noticed for many years to come.

The vaping industry has been creating new products faster than many of us can keep up with. Competition has been steadfast in churning out a constant stream of new, innovative products that are better, easier, and safer than the ones that have come before them. GeekVape’s influence has been both strong and noticeable. We here at Giant Vapes will be highly interested in observing their impact in the future and keeping track of their progress of creating innovative, exciting products.